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Cumin seeds are well known as jeera. cumin seeds are used to add spices taste to many dishes worldwide. cumin is a crucial ingredient in several world cuisines. cumin has a unique and potent flavor crucial to indian curries, where cumin is often roasted before grinding to impart a toasted, nutty flavor. we are leading suppliers of cumin seeds from india. we export cumin seeds singapore quality, cumin seeds gulf quality, cumin seeds europe quality and cumin seeds usa quality. cumin seeds known as jeera in india are the seeds of the caraway family. we are working on the objective to deliver high-quality cumin seeds to our clients at the most favorable prices. we never do compromise on quality standards that make us top cumin seeds exports, imports in india. cumin has a distinctive, slightly bitter yet warm flavour. we are regularly exporting europe quality cumin seeds with 99.5% purity, gulf quality cumin seeds with 99% purity and singapore quality cumin seeds with 99% purity, usa quality cumin seeds from india to all over the world. gujarat and rajasthan are the major producers of cumin seeds in india. cumin is a flowering plant in the family apiaceae, native to territory including the middle east and streching east to india. cumin has aroma and sweet-spicy flavor. after pepper and chilies, cumin is the most consumed seed. we are working on the objective to deliver high-quality cumin seeds to our clients’ at most favourable prices. we never do compromise on quality standards, that makes us leading cumin seeds exporters.

Cumin is the dried seeds of the herb cuminum cyminum, a member of the parsley family. cumin seeds are used as a spices for their distinctive flavour and aroma and are also well known for its medicinal properties in india and many other asian countries. it is globally popular and an essential flavouring used in many cuisines, particularly south asian, northern african and latin american cuisines. cumin seeds are also a rich source of iron, a vital nutrient that helps in keeping the immune system healthy and strong. cumin seed has been used in indian cooking for centuries and almost every household is familiar with its earthy and spicy flavor. the seeds not only have their use in food industries, but also for different medicinal purposes. the indian cumin seeds production being a lot higher than that in turkey, syria or iran, the indian stock of cumin seeds is generally available throughout the year while the stocks of other origins cumin seeds like iran and syria get exhausted soon. find cumin seeds manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, buyers, sellers, producers, manufacturing, wholesalers, producing, supplying, exports, imports, importing, exporting, buying, selling, import, export, traders, trading, distributors, international traders, agents, brokers, commission agents, processors, purchase, processing, purchasing in india and around the world.

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Cumin Seeds Specifications:



Product Name:

~ Cumin Seeds


~ Singapore Quality, Europe Quality & Gulf Quality


~ Machine Cleaned / Sortexed Cleaned


~ 98% / 99%


~ 8% Max

Place of Origin:

~ India

Total Ash:

~ 9.50% Max


~ Aromatic With A Penetrating Flavour

Packaging Details:



PP Bag

~ 25 / 50 KG in New PP Bag

Paper Bag

~ 25 KG in New Paper Bag Inside Poly Bag


~ As Per Customer Requirement

Container Capacity:



20' FT Container

~ 13-14 Metric Tons

40' FT Container

~ 27-28 Metric Tons

Cumin Seeds Benefits and Uses:

✓ Cumin seeds are essential flavors for different cuisines and wonderful spice to add different flavors in food items.
✓ Cumin seeds are chemical free and help in treating yellow jaundice and other health problems.
✓ Cumin seeds are dried properly and used in different forms at different places.
✓ To know more on cumin seeds exporters in india and to buy cumin seeds, kindly contact us right away.
✓ Cumin seeds can be used as medicinal herb to boost up your overall health and stamina.
✓ It is used as a flavoring agent to add distinct flavor to your dishes.
✓ It can be used as spices to make indian dishes more interesting.

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